Reasons to Have a Chin Augmentation

The prominence of a strong, defined chin can have a profound effect on facial balance and appeal. Mentoplasty, also called chin augmentation surgery, can rebalance the face creating a more harmonious appearance. There are many reasons why patients in Gainesville choose to have chin augmentation. Why should you get a chin augmentation? Consider the following:

Improved Appearance of Facial Features – A small chin tends to make other facial features, such as the nose and ears, look much larger than they are. By augmenting your chin, the nose, eyes, forehead, jawline, ears and neck can look more symmetrical.

Permanent Results – If you add volume to your chin through dermal filler injections, the results generally last about a year. To maintain an augmented look, you will need to receive repeat touch-up injections. Chin implants provide permanent improvements. 

Mild Recovery – Recovery from chin augmentation is usually mild. Some bruising and swelling is normal. You will likely have some difficulty with smiling and talking at first, and it’s also common to feel a stretched or tight sensation. This is only temporary and should go away after a week.

It is Safe and Effective – Chin implants are one of the safest implants that can be placed in the body. The silicone implant poses no health risks since it is a molecularly stable material. 

Can Easily Be Performed with Other Procedures – Some people pair a chin augmentation with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery, but even by itself a chin implant can bring balance to other facial features.

To learn more about why you should get a chin augmentation, contact David W. Allison, MD at 703-754-8228 or website. During a chin augmentation consultation, Dr. Allison will assess your cosmetic concerns and evaluate your facial features to determine the best treatment to meet your needs.