Neck Countouring

Neck Contouring: Love the Appearance of Your Neck

Regardless of how well you treat your facial skin, the neck area is often overlooked and therefore becomes one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Loss of skin elasticity and collagen, genetics and gravity can make your neck skin appear older than your face. 

Rather than resorting to a life of fashion scarves and high-neck shirts, there are a variety of surgical options for neck contouring. Dr. David Allison has helped patients restore a balance between their face and neck by incorporating different methods to meet your aesthetic goals.  

Reasons for Neck Contouring

Neck contouring can improve: 

  • Loose, sagging neck skin (turkey neck)
  • Neck fat
  • Wrinkled neck
  • Weak jawline
  • Double chin

What to Expect with Neck Contouring

Neck liposuction may be recommended if you have excess fat in the neck area but have otherwise tight skin. This procedure is minimally invasive, typically only requiring small incisions in which to insert a cannula to remove excess fat and re-sculpt the neck area. Swelling and bruising can be minimized by wearing a special chin wrap for several days; full recovery may take 1-2 weeks. 

If you have excess loose skin or weak neck muscles, a surgical neck lift may be recommended. 

  • General or local anesthesia or sedatives are administered. 
  • One or more subtle incisions are made around or behind the ears and under the chin. These incisions allow Dr. Allison to remove excess skin and fat to make the neck area smoother. The underlying muscles may also be tightened in this process. 
  • Skin glue or sutures are used to close the incisions and a protective bandage is applied. Pain medication will ease discomfort, swelling and bruising as the incisions heal. A thin tube may be temporarily inserted to drain excess fluid or blood under the skin. 

Neck Lift Recovery

During the 2-week recovery period, you should keep your head elevated and avoid twisting your neck. To promote healthy blood flow to the area, do not use a cold compress or ice pack on the incision areas. You will need time to rest, so enlisting the help of a friend or family member to perform daily tasks will aid in your recovery. 

It is important to halt participation in strenuous activities until you are fully healed. Smoking during your recovery period is also highly discouraged, as this can lead to serious complications and slow healing. 

It may take several months for the full results of your neck surgery to be achieved. 

Neck Contouring Risks

Dr. Allison will provide explicit instructions for your recovery and will expect to see you at follow-up appointments. This is to ensure that your incisions are healing and there are no complications. He takes every precaution to minimize the risks of neck contouring; however, you should be aware that there is a risk of:  

  • Scarring
  • Swelling/bruising
  • Infection
  • Bleeding 
  • Poor wound healing

The more you care for your neck skin after your neck contouring procedure, the longer your results will last. This means living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, wearing sunscreen and moisturizing your neck skin every day. 

To learn more about neck contouring in Gainesville, VA, and to find out if you are a good candidate for this facial rejuvenation procedure, contact us to schedule a free Cosmetic Consultation. 

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