Is Plastic Surgery Worth the Cost?


Is Plastic Surgery Worth the Cost?

Given that plastic surgery is elective, meaning that it is unlikely it will be covered by insurance, patients want to be sure they are investing their money wisely and will be happy with the outcome. While aesthetic goals are subjective and there are many variables to consider when undergoing a cosmetic procedure, most patients agree that plastic surgery is worth the cost. 

Patient satisfaction rates among the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States are relatively high. Breast augmentation boasts a 98% satisfaction rate while 91% of those who received a rhinoplasty procedure agree the procedure was worth it, and given the option, would do it again. Plastic surgery is focused on refining one’s appearance. From improving breast symmetry to hair loss treatments to full mommy makeovers, known commonly as tummy tucks, plastic surgery procedures are considered life-enhancing, confidence-building restorations, or in some cases, upgrades to one’s physical appearance. Dramatic improvements that include removal of fat, trimming of excess skin, enhancement of breasts, flattening of the abdominal area, proportional balance of facial features and tightening of the skin can make a dramatic difference to a patient’s comfort as well as a boost to self-esteem or just simply making a positive change that helps a person realize their personal vision for what they would like to see in the mirror. 

Plastic surgery continues to reinvent itself. Liposuction for example used to be associated with making one skinny while body contouring procedures these days often add curves to the physique while sculpting a desired silhouette, reaffirming beauty standards of all shapes and sizes. Plastic surgery is not only safer than ever with advancements in technology but accessibility and affordability for average people has become more common and universally accepted. 

Determining if plastic surgery is worth the cost is a personal decision. Cost and worth are often interchangeable words, but the meaning of worth will vary per individual. When selecting a board-certified, skilled surgeon who will help you choose if plastic surgery is worth the cost to you, you will want to put your care in the hands of a surgeon who will prioritize your safety as well as your happiness. Realistic expectations that can be agreed upon between doctor and patient will likely make plastic surgery worth the cost. 

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