How Safe is it to Get Cosmetic Surgery on the Nasal and Sinus Area?


How Safe is it to Get Cosmetic Surgery on the Nasal and Sinus Area?

The nose is one of the most fragile and exposed parts of the body. Due to its prominence on the face along with its relatively weak structure composed of fine bones, cartilage and tissue it is sensitive to sustaining damage. After a rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery to the nasal and sinus area, the nose is left even more vulnerable as it heals. In fact, complete healing can take up to 1 full year depending on swelling and the thickness of the skin. The nose is a complex structure, but the beauty of a rhinoplasty is that the procedure is minimally invasive with the incisions hidden inside the nose. 

How safe is it to get cosmetic surgery on the nasal and sinus area? Patients are rightfully concerned about their safety for any surgical procedure. The nasal and sinus areas are especially concerning as they are essential to breathing and speaking. The possibility of being unable to breathe after surgery is often one of the biggest worries for patients. Aside from the discomfort of bruising and swelling, the ability to breathe will be largely unaffected even while wearing a splint and bandages during recovery. In fact, surgery will open the airways and enhance breathing ability. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is considered a safe procedure. Complications are rare, less than 1-5%, but all surgery poses some amount of risk. Trusting your procedure to a board-certified surgeon who has performed thousands of surgeries related to the nasal and sinus area is pivotal to decreasing risk and obtaining a successful outcome. Maximize your safety with the right surgeon; a nose is a small part of the body, but it is still major surgery. The nose is an integral part of the respiratory system so making sure you have the skilled hands of someone who can offer the technical and aesthetic aspects of your surgery is of highest importance. Promises about your results will depend upon your surgeon’s in-depth expertise of skin thickness, bone, cartilage and muscle structure, blood supply issues and deformities. In the event you are unsatisfied with your results, there are revision surgery options to improve the function and look of the nasal and sinus area. 

Cosmetic nasal surgery is one of the most requested procedures at David W. Allison, MD. Since the nose is central to the face, patients desire balance and harmony with their facial features. To meet with our team to discuss your cosmetic surgery goals and to ask informative questions about surgical approach, successful outcomes, safety and healing, call our office at PHONE or schedule your consultation online at WEBSITE

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