How Much Breast Tissue Is Removed During Breast Reductions?


How Much Breast Tissue Is Removed During Breast Reductions?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that removes skin, fat and tissue from the breasts to reduce their size and shape. In some cases, women also opt for a breast lift in conjunction with a reduction. Breasts change with age and can lose firmness and elasticity with weight gain or loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women with excessively large breasts who suffer from chronic neck and back pain often consider breast reduction procedures. Inability to participate in some activities, chronic rash or skin irritation, nerve pain, indentations from bra straps, arm numbness or tingling, poor posture, and negative self-image round out the reasons one might pursue a breast reduction. 

Breast reductions permanently remove skin, glandular tissue and excess breast fat to achieve better body proportions and alleviate discomfort associated with heavy breasts.  While fat can be deposited to the breasts through weight gain even after a breast reduction, it is not likely that breast tissue will grow back. Typically, anywhere from one third to two thirds of the total breast volume can be removed during surgery. How much breast tissue is removed during breast reductions depends on several factors including initial breast size and leaving behind an adequate amount of tissue to maintain blood supply to the nipple areola complex. Insurance plans may also determine the amount of tissue that is removed during breast reductions. Usually for the surgery to be covered under insurance, surgeons will be required to remove at least 200-350 grams of tissue from each breast but on average most breast reduction surgeries eliminate 450-600 grams of tissue. The amount of unwanted breast tissue removed during surgery will correlate directly with the size, shape and firmness of the breasts once fully recovered. 

If your natural breasts are larger than you prefer and are causing pain or interference with your ability to complete daily tasks, a surgical solution may be the right fit for you. At David W. Allison, MD we offer consultations to discuss your desired aesthetic goals and various surgical techniques associated with a breast reduction. Ideal candidates are in good health, have completed childbearing and breastfeeding, want to reduce breast size, wish to have firmer breasts and higher breast position (a combined reduction and lift may be suggested), want to diminish discomfort and physical pain, fit better in clothing and restore self-confidence. If this describes you, call our office at 703-754-8228 or schedule your appointment by booking here WEBSITE.

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