How Do I Find the Cost for Cosmetic Procedures?


How Do I Find the Cost for Cosmetic Procedures?

One of the biggest hurdles for patients venturing into cosmetic surgery is the cost factor. Calculating all the costs associated with elective surgery can be daunting. At David W. Allison, MD, we strive to help bring clarity to all your unknowns, including your financial responsibility and the breakdown of the line items on your account statement. As most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, our patients appreciate a straight-forward, practical and detailed account of what they can expect to pay out of pocket, including upfront fees, billing arrangements, finance options and potential extra charges. 

Patients seeking facial and body rejuvenation or reconstruction often begin with internet searches to find basic information including local surgeons, before and after photos, explanation of the processes and, of course, just how expensive the procedure will be. A top question regarding affordability is “how do I find the cost of procedures?” While many non-surgical procedures such as fillers and skin resurfacing treatments are typically listed on the website of the surgeon or the medical care practice, surgical procedures often are not. This is because there are many factors that influence the cost of the surgery. Some of these include the type of surgery, the intensity of the procedure, cost of materials, surgical facility cost, anesthesia-related fees, the surgeon’s skill and expertise and where you live. Yes, geographic areas can determine the cost for cosmetic procedures. You can visit the website for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and select both the type of procedure you are interested in as well as your zip code, or zip codes you would be willing to travel to, and you will find a list of price ranges in your region. As this website is dedicated exclusively to board-certified surgeons who display excellency in cosmetic surgery, you can trust that you have completed the first step to narrowing down a qualified surgeon. Your next step should be scheduling multiple consultations to get to know the various surgeons and along with a physical evaluation, request a financial consultation so you are well-informed of the costs for your procedure. 
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