How Do I Find Out If My Cosmetic Surgeon Has Ever Been Disciplined?


How Do I Find Out If My Cosmetic Surgeon Has Ever Been Disciplined?

Cosmetic surgery is a major investment. One of the best conclusions you can make to give yourself some peace of mind in your decision-making process, is to choose a surgeon who is board-certified. Complications can occur with any surgery assince every surgery poses some amount of risk; however, confirming your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) serves as a warranty for the type of training your surgeon has received. To earn board certification, a surgeon must complete their cosmetic surgery residency and pass both an oral and written exam based on that knowledge. The goal of having a board certification is to ensure that the plastic surgeon is safe, ethical, and has a detailed and extensive knowledge in their specialized field. And the website for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) is one of the best places to begin your journey. It is through this network that you can locate a doctor that meets your criteria. And jJust as informational, this is one of the places to safeguard against a surgeon that is not recommended. The ABCS serves to examine and certify physicians in cosmetic surgery. 

How do I find out if my cosmetic surgeon has ever been disciplined? If you are concerned about the qualifications of your doctor and whether they have a disciplinary history, you can visit the Federation of State Medical Board’s Physician Center (FDMB website). Data pulled on this site comes directly from the state board that conducts the investigations. Many state medical boards publish monthly disciplinary reports, fully detailing the accounts of any violations and how the medical boards chose to respond. Some examples of unprofessional conduct include alcohol and substance abuse, sexual misconduct, neglect of a patient, failing to meet the acceptable standard of care set forth by the state, prescribing drugs in excess or without necessary reasoning, dishonest during the license application process, conviction of a felony, fraud, inadequate record keeping, and failing to meet continuing medical education requirements. When a state medical board receives a complaint about a physician, they have the power to investigate, conduct hearings, and impose discipline that may include fines, ongoing education, public reprimands, and suspension, probation, or revocation of their license. You can also check court records to see if your physician has been taken to court for medical malpractice. Keep in mind that the filing of a lawsuit does not conclude that the doctor was found guilty. 

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