First Time Lipo Surgery Questions


First Time Lipo Surgery Questions

When potential patients come into our office at David W. Allison, MD for a liposuction consultation, we welcome the opportunity to answer all first time lipo surgery questions. Patients should come prepared with a variety of questions to assess the surgeon’s expertise and their ability to deliver realistic, yet desired results. Be honest, have your medical history ready, wear comfortable clothing, be prepared to take before photos and bring a list of your questions. Oftentimes patients feel a bit overwhelmed or even nervous at their initial liposuction consultation, but you want to be sure your surgeon answers all your questions to help you make an informed and confident decision in your care.

Plastic surgeons should be willing to share patient testimonials that include photos of pre- and post-surgery results. Top rated, board-certified doctors will give a full explanation of the liposuction process from start to finish as well as the likely outcome of your specialized treatment. Some first time lipo surgery questions to consider asking include asking about the doctor, staff, surgery center or hospital, and medications involved. These include: How many times have you performed this type of surgery? What are the credentials of both you and your support staff? Where will the surgery take place? How long will the surgery take? What are the risks involved with liposuction? Are there different options for anesthesia? What are the emergency protocols? What are the risks involved? What kind of pain medication will I need post-surgery? How do I get a hold of the surgeon or staff after hours during my recovery care at home? Then, there are questions to consider that are personal and specific to your aesthetic goals. These include: Am I a good candidate for liposuction? What kind of results can I expect? What do I need to do to prepare for surgery? What does recovery look like? How long does liposuction last? Will there be scarring? Lastly, you should consider questions related to the investment cost of your liposuction surgery. What is the total cost of my liposuction? Will it be covered by insurance? Are there financing options?

If you are interested in learning more about liposuction surgery, we invite you to call 703-754-8228 or click here WEBSITE to schedule your own consultation at David W. Allison, MD. For stunning results, top notch recovery care, and personalized procedures, choose the leading experts in liposuction surgery at David W. Allison, MD.

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