Breast Lift Scars


Breast Lift Scars

A mastopexy, known more commonly as a breast lift, involves lifting the nipple, removing excess skin and reshaping the breast. There are 3 main types of incision patterns for a breast lift surgery. These options are determined by the size and drooping of the breasts. The scarring areas could be around the nipple or extend onto the breast. The first type of incision, peri-areolar lift, also nicknamed the Benelli or donut” incision, uses natural breast tissue to tighten and reshape the breasts without adding additional volume. The second type of incision, the vertical pattern incision, also known as a lollipop lift, is most suitable for those with a moderate amount of sagging. As the most common type of breast lift, the lollipop lift is also suitable for patients looking to change the shape of their breasts rather than size. The third type of incision, referred to as a wide-pattern or anchor incision, is like the vertical pattern. It is the most effective option for those with significant skin excess or large, heavy breasts seeking a reduction. In terms of scarring, as the name of the lift implies with the direction of the incisions, an anchor shaped scar will be left behind.

The amount of sagging in the breasts will determine if other surgical techniques can be used. A scarless lift and a crescent lift both offer minimal breast lift scars but only work with minimal sagging. A scarless lift is the least invasive option for a breast lift. It involves using a system of electrical currents or ultrasound to heat up the fat cells and skin of the breasts, tightening and firming the tissue while creating a lift. Only one incision is needed in a crescent lift that runs halfway across the top edge of the areola. However, this type of lift is usually performed with a breast augmentation for women looking to increase the size of their breasts while getting a breast lift. 

Every surgery will include scarring since the skin is being surgically cut. Scarring is the body’s natural way of healing itself. Not all breast lift scars are the same, both in the different techniques used to create the incisions but also in the healing of breast lift scars. Scarring will not be significant; in fact, most breast lift scars look like very fine, pencil thin lines that usually flatten and fade to a lighter color. The most important factor in reducing the appearance of breast lift scars is ensuring your procedure is performed by a trusted, board-certified surgeon who is experienced with breast lift surgery. Proper recovery post-surgery will aid in healing and overtime there are remedies and treatments available to fade breast lift scars.

Qualified and experienced plastic surgeons like David W. Allison, MD use advanced techniques to ensure as little scarring as possible. For more information on a breast lift procedure and breast lift scars, visit our website at WEBSITE. To schedule a consultation, please call our office at 703-754-8228. 

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