What Happens if You Gain Weight After Liposuction?

Liposuction is generally used to change the body’s shape. If not maintained through diet and exercise however, weight loss from liposuction will have a short-term effect.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should be at a maintainable weight when you have the procedure. That means you shouldn’t be struggling to keep your weight at a certain point. If you have to severely restrict your diet or work out for several hours a day to keep the scale on a certain number, then that’s not a maintainable weight for you. But if your weight is consistently around a certain mark and that mark is within a recommended range, then you’ve found a maintainable weight.

The most effective way patients have of maintaining their post-operative results is to maintain a stable weight. Significant weight gains or weight losses can have a profound impact on the way your body looks—not just in conventional ways. For example, when you lose weight, you can be left with a significant amount of excess skin.

Just as detrimental as losing weight could be gaining weight. If you gain weight after lipo, it is possible that the fat will reappear in an irregular way. For some patients this means that fat comes back in a way that looks a little lumpier than it did before. For other patients it means that other areas of the body become larger than the treated area—showing the seams of the liposuction procedure. Much will depend on your own individual body and how it stores fat. 

There are, of course, ways that patients are encouraged to maintain their weight, such as the following:

  • Monitor your diet and ensure it is balanced in a healthy way
  • Stay active with regular exercise
  • If you do gain weight, consider revision liposuction procedures to keep your body looking the way you like it

Gaining weight after liposuction will decrease your overall results. To learn more about liposuction in Gainesville, contact David W. Allison, MD at 703-754-8228 or website to schedule a consultation with Dr. Allison today.