Abdominal Surgery

Types of Abdominal Surgery

Are you coveting a flat tummy? A flat and well-toned abdomen is something many of us strive for through exercise and a healthy diet. However, sometimes these methods alone cannot achieve our goals. There are several cosmetic surgical procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the midsection. Popular abdominal procedures include:

Liposuction – There are several types of liposuction but the goal of each is the same, to remove stubborn body fat by breaking up and sucking it away. Some types of liposuction use lasers, ultrasound or radio-frequency to stimulate the skin to tighten. Overall, these typically work well for younger patients who have not had children or large weight fluctuations and whose skin is reasonably tight.

Full Tummy TuckTummy tucks are called for when there is excess or loose skin to be removed or when there are signs of abdominal wall laxity. Also known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck involves tightening the underlying abdominal muscles from just below the breasts to the pubic hair line and removing the skin from the pubic hair line to just above the navel.

Mini Tummy Tuck – The mini tummy tuck is usually appropriate for patients with minor amounts of excess skin or limited abdominal wall laxity. The procedure is similar to a full tummy tuck, but with less skin removal and muscle tightening in the lower half of the abdomen. The mini tummy tuck allows tightening of the skin and abdominal muscles below the belly button, but not above, whereas the full tummy tuck can remove more skin and tightens the skin and abdominal muscles from the ribs all the way down.

So which is the procedure for you? The first step is to schedule a surgery consultation with Dr. Allison in Gainesville. During a thorough evaluation and exam, Dr. Allison will help you determine which abdominal surgery will be best for you to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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