Male Reconstructive Surgery

Men have unique needs when it comes to reconstructive surgery. Board certified male plastic surgeon Dr. David Allison is specially trained to provide both the surgical expertise and artistic eye to help men sculpt and re-sculpt a masculine contour through male reconstructive surgery procedures.

Enlarged Breasts in Men

Gynecomastia is the medical term for enlarged male breast tissue. The development of excess breast tissue can be the result of genetics, hormones, disease or medications, and often diet and exercise cannot remedy the situation. Dr. Allison performs male breast reduction surgery to help men regain their self-confidence and masculinity.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Options

During a Consultation, Dr. Allison will assess the condition of your chest and determine the best treatment option. He may recommend one or a combination of procedures:

  • Liposuction to remove excess fat tissue
  • Excision to remove excess breast tissue and skin (the nipple may need to be repositioned)

Facial Reconstruction in Men

Dr. Allison also performs facelifts and facial reconstruction for men who have experienced facial trauma or those who want to enhance their appearance. His methods incorporate a masculine angle to help men achieve their desired results.

To learn more about male reconstructive surgery options in Northern Virginia, contact us to schedule a free Cosmetic Consultation.