Is Otoplasty Covered by Insurance?

When a person has protruding or larger ears, this can be corrected with an otoplasty procedure, surgery which sets prominent ears farther back on the head. Often referred to as ear pinning, it is possible not only to pin back ears, but also reshape, reduce size and make ears more symmetrical. This procedure is a much appreciated correction for patients of all ages.

Patients of all ages are thrilled with the results of this procedure. This surgery is one of the few plastic surgeries that can be recommended for children, even as young as five years of age. It can eliminate teasing and bring about much increased self-esteem and confidence in their very important school years. When done early, children can avoid the trauma of bullying over their protruding ears.

Self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence can all be adversely impacted by prominent ears. Under these circumstances, otoplasty can be a life changing experience.  

When otoplasty is performed, the incisions are made on the back of the ear. This location is excellent for hiding scars. They should be barely noticeable, even to yourself! Because the incisions are made behind your ear, they won’t be visible from the front at all, and you won’t be able to see them easily from behind either.

In general, otoplasty is not covered by insurance. Otoplasty is typically considered cosmetic and deemed not medically necessary. Your insurance carrier may provide coverage if an otoplasty is being used to correct a deformity or congenital abnormality. It’s important that you contact your insurance carrier prior to your initial appointment, so you can understand exactly what the company will cover.

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