Is a Facelift The Best Procedure For Firming The Neck and Chin?


Is a Facelift The Best Procedure For Firming The Neck and Chin?

While the fountain of youth used to refer to a mythical way to return youthfulness, cosmetic surgery offers a similar promise with the advancement of technique and technology. Facelift procedures can easily take away 10-15 years of aging from one’s appearance. Depending upon your aesthetic needs and areas of the face that show significant signs of aging you may be considering several surgical options. Is a facelift the best procedure for firming the neck and chin?

Often neck lifts are classified under the umbrella of facelift surgery but each surgery differs in procedural steps, recovery timelines, and intended purpose. A facelift surgery is designed to treat skin laxity, deep wrinkles or hollows, and facial drooping, usually in the lower part of the face from the cheeks to the jawline. On the other hand, a neck lift surgery creates a smoother, more refined, and taut appearance in the neck and chin without affecting the face. For the most dramatic results, patients can combine the two procedures for full facial rejuvenation. If your main concern is firming the neck and chin, likely your surgeon would suggest a neck lift versus a facelift. Aside from being less invasive than a facelift, neck lift benefits include removing fat deposits under the chin, removing excess skin, tightening lax neck muscles, creating a defined jawline, correcting “turkey neck”, and eliminating jowls.

A neck lift procedure involves liposuction to remove pockets of fat in the neck, jowls, and under the chin to sculpt and define the jawline. The platysma muscle is tightening to restore the angle between the chin and neck. The goal is to restore firmness and smoothness to the neck and chin areas enhancing the features of your faces rather than distracting from them or changing them in any way.

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