Breast Implants

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Implants? – Part One

When a patient in Gainesville is considering breast implant surgery, a common concern is how long it will take them to recover. The time it takes to recover from breast implants is different for each patient and is dependent on several factors, including age, breast size, skin elasticity, physical condition and hormone levels.

After all, you naturally want to resume your normal life as soon as you can following surgery. Although each woman will recover at a slightly different pace, there are general stages that you can expect and are as follows:

First Few Days: It’s important that you rest and not over-exert yourself immediately following your surgery. You might want to consider asking someone to stay with you for the first day or two after surgery because you may be disoriented and groggy from your anesthesia.

During the first few days of your recovery, your chest may feel tight due to swelling, which is normal and will gradually improve. You will be wearing a medical compression bra to support your breasts over the bandages covering your breast implant incisions. The garment will help to minimize swelling. Avoid placing stress on your stitches by limiting breast movement.

Small, thin tubes will be in place under your skin to drain excess body fluids or blood for the first day up to 48 hours. You will likely have some discomfort and you may take prescription pain medication during this time. Bandages and drains will be removed on your first follow-up visit.

1-2 Weeks: Most patients are able to return to work within two weeks after their surgery, depending on the nature of their work. It’s important to give your body enough time to recover to make your return to work that much more comfortable.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Implants? – Part One to be continued.