Cosmetic Surgery

Emotionally Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

Though cosmetic surgery affects the patient’s physical appearance, it often has a significant impact on self-confidence and emotions. As the saying goes, when you look great, you feel great. As you consider and prepare for cosmetic surgery in Gainesville, consider the following information to help you be as emotionally prepared as possible.

Be Physically Prepared: In order to prepare for cosmetic surgery, you should be in overall good health. This includes not smoking, being within your desired weight range and having no life-threatening disease or condition that may interfere with the recovery process. Once you are physically prepared, you will be free to focus on the necessary emotional preparations for cosmetic surgery.

Evaluate Your Goals: Why do you want to have this procedure? What are your goals? How realistic are they? It may be helpful to write down these goals and expectations. Maybe consider talking with a close friend or spouse about why this is important to you.

Consult with your Surgeon: Nobody has dealt with patient’s anxieties and concerns more than your surgeon; take advantage of their experience. You should feel free to ask Dr. Allison for resources that can help you navigate the emotions that are involved as you prepare for cosmetic surgery.

Plan for Post-Operative Care: The first 24 hours after your surgery can be the most challenging, since you may still be in pain, impacted by medications, unable to walk far or in need of extra support. It is recommended that you make arrangements for help with your post-op care for at least the first couple of days. You may want to prepare meals ahead of time and ask friends or family to assist with housework, childcare, etc.

Be Patient: You’ll likely be anxious to see your new and improved self after your cosmetic surgery but being impatient can leave you frustrated and upset. Try to relax and realize that your body needs time to heal and recover before your final results will be visible. Allow your body plenty of time to recuperate and keep the end result in mind as a motivation to be patient.

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