Can a Teenager Get a Nose Job?

When a teenager want to get a nose job there are several things that separate their situation from that of adults considering this procedure. 

Physical Readiness – Before considering a teenage nose job, the teen’s nose must be fully-grown. Girls often achieve full growth at 14 to 16, while boys may take longer, closer to age 17 or 18. If nose reshaping is performed before full growth is achieved, the remaining growth will essentially distort the new look.

Psychological Readiness – This is one of the biggest factors to consider before allowing a teen to move forward with a nose job procedure. Although a healthy mental attitude is critical for anyone of any age who is seeking any type of plastic surgery — for teenagers it’s especially crucial. The patient must have a realistic expectation of what their nose is going to look like post-surgery and understand the effects it will have on their life.

Motivation – For a successful outcome, the teenager must want a nose job due to a personal, internal motivation, and not because of outside factors. If the teen’s motivation for surgery is worrisome, it is important that they not move forward with the procedure.

Physical Expectations – It’s important that a teenager seeking rhinoplasty have realistic expectations of what their nose can look like. There are certain limitations to what can be done with their particular anatomy. If a teen goes into surgery with unrealistic expectations about the outcome, the teen may be disappointed or even devastated by their result.

Lifestyle Expectations – If a teen sees a nose job as a way to solve all of their problems, they will likely be disappointed. While a rhinoplasty may certainly improve one’s appearance, it is not reasonable to expect a life-changing transformation. Often, a successful nose job can boost one’s self-confidence, but this cannot be guaranteed for everyone.

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